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Upcoming Events

OBCF's Burmese New Year and OBCF's 18th Anniversary celebration will be on Saturday, May 30th 2015 at 3pm-6pm.


Event Summary

We express our love, share our joy and blessings, and reach out to the community by hosting several events throughout the year. We also hold fund-raising events such as our annual food fair and a church yard sale. Most of these funds go to maintenance of our church but we also occasionally raise funds to help support churches in Burma and victims of natural and man-made disaster. A specific portion of our Church fund is set aside for scholarship, which is made available to local students attending college and also for Burmese students who study in America.

  • Burmese New Year Festival This event occurs in the spring usually in May where we entertain our guests (both Burmese and non-Burmese) with Burmese food and a variety of Burmese traditional music and dances to celebrate the Burmese New Year in conjunction with the anniversary of OBCF.


  • Burmese Food Fair We hold this event each fall typically in October to raise funds for our church and invite the neighborhood to come out and sample Burmese Food.